Keynote Speakers

Dr. P. Nandalal Weerasinghe

Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Leland H. Hartwell

American Biologist who shared the 2001 Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine for discoveries of key regulators of the cell cycle

Achieving Resilience through Digitalization, Sustainability and Sectoral Transformation

We are in the digital era of the 21st century and there is a pressing need to adopt digital technology for a more inclusive and resilient society. The recent COVID -19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of digitalization worldwide in which remote work is gaining in popularity. Digital transformation and modernization will enhance the sectoral transformation by further integrating delivery, processes and systems across different areas. Various global challenges such as increasing population, climate change, food security, enhancing health & social security benefits, employment crises due to changing markets and the economic slowdown have all to be faced in the future. As a developing country recovering from an economic crisis, we have to overcome these challenges and achieve resilience in this global competition to achieve developed country status.

In this context, it is necessary that academia and the research community of the country to get together to analyze suitable plans and strategies for digitalization and sectoral transformation and facilitate sustainability to achieve sustainable economic growth, to revive the country’s economy and to achieve resilience. The International Research Conference of the year 2023, aims to provide a suitable platform to all the academia, researchers and students in various scientific and professional fields based in Sri Lanka as well as overseas to showcase their innovative ideas and research to achieve the development of our nation.


  • Defence and Strategic Studies *
  • Built Environment and Spatial Sciences
  • Computing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Management, Social Science and Humanities
  • Technology *

  • * Extended abstracts will also be accepted


  • Medicine
  • Allied Health Sciences
  • Basic and Applied Sciences

Revised Dates

Deadline for Full papers 04th July 2023
Submission of Revised
Full paper
23rd July 2023
Notification of Acceptance 07th Aug 2023

Deadline for Abstract / Extended Abstract
Full paper (Optional)
04th July 2023
Submission of Revised Abstract
Extended abstract / Full paper (Optional)
23rd July 2023
Notification of Acceptance 07th Aug 2023